The Black Plum

by Platinum Bitch

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This collection was the first (arguably) "official" release from Platinum Bitch. Most of the songs were written sometime between 1998-2002, during some stormy vagabond period, then eventually recorded at home using borrowed instruments and pirated software around 2003. I released this on burned, handwritten CDs in various incarnations, most commonly as "The Black Plum / Seven Gestures" EPs, a "gesture" being a song written and recorded in one take (similar to a gesture drawing). The piano parts were recorded using a karaoke machine in a practice space at some community college. Many supportive friends, a few accommodating neighbors, an ambivalent security guard and a 24hr Kinko's made this whole endeavor possible.

This particular incarnation includes all the original Black Plum tracks (with minor adjustments made to clean up the source recordings) and a few different Gestures, as well as some other random stuff recorded during that time, which I had no idea what else to do with. This version is included as a "digital download" companion to the cassette released by the good folks at Hope For The Tape Deck.


released June 10, 2014

13. *Wrong With You
14. *Shiny
15. *Womb
16. *Felt On A Piano Wire
17. *Minor
18. *A Gesture For Absence
19. *Azella
20. *Ring
21. *Omen (Acoustic Version)
22. *Reception (Acoustic Version)
*Bonus Material included with digital download

Cover etching by Angie Melchin.
Violin on Reception by Eli Brossell
The words for The Soft Geometry of Elsewhere are by Melissa Sandor.
All other stuff is by Tim Sandor
Hope For The Tape Deck - DUDE026
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. 2003, 2013



all rights reserved


Hope For The Tape Deck Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
let's just forge something out of wood
let's just forge something out of metal and skin
let's just forge something out of water and sin
let's just try to forget all that could have been
throw it in the ocean and pray that it can't learn to swim

let's just carve something into wood with metal and skin
let's just weld something out of water and sin
let's just make up all that could have been
let's just jump into the water and forget
we know how
forget we know how
Track Name: You Can't Say I Never Warned You
i once was a pharaoh child i sat upon your knee
i was once a very sick little boy but you were so good to me
you were once my crippled concubine we slept over seas
your hands were bound in red velvet twine
but your spine unraveled slowly under me

i once had a thousand silver ships
there upon my sails your eyes did gleam
you gave me a cameo role in all your favorite dreams

you were once a weeping willow tree
when i was a tire swing
your name was once the last word
in the sweetest song that ill ever sing
Track Name: Reception
a song came out of a song / came out of nowhere / it was static in dead air / and you sing it as you walk / now you're surrounded unaware(s) / and when they stare at you from suv's / the song it will not care / i could trespass in my house / i will trespass everywhere / and there's a clang beneath the ocean / bears the shape of things to come / and there's a dog with teeth like shrapnel / chasing all who try to run / and the radio hums / what's become of all your children / with their ever changing names / as they choke down anesthetics / and shoot termites in their veins / and the gutter drains / and a woman smiles / and her eyes are closed / and children squirm / in sunday clothes / and we talk to strangers / (the / but) only ones we trust / and time will swim / and water will rust / and we speak to strangers / we turn to dust / in time we'll swim / our water will rust / and a woman smiles / and her eyes are closed / and the children squirm / in their sunday clothes
Track Name: Joy
held her back / held her back so straight / held her / back in place / she holds something / in her hands / with someone's hand / handwriting on it / she folds it closed / don't focus on those shadows / that picture will never come out / if its too dark / clutch for every last / her lens / hyper extends / the shutter gasped / clutch for every last ray / the eclipse flashed past / the blackness collapsed / until nothing but light remained / i've heard that midwives and pallbearers / sing the same sweet song / midwives and pallbearers sing the same / held her back / held her back so straight / held her / back in place / she holds something / in her hands there's someone's hand / handwriting all over it / she folds it closed /
Track Name: Still
a glimpse a clumsy angel's image
an infants unflinching eyes
the simplest thing but i could not understand

a stillness amidst this constant motion
of voices hearts and hands
the simplest things are the hardest to understand

but there's cotton in the wind and there is
sunlight on my skin and these are
old and true friends of mine

there's a hundred billion people
reaching for telephones
there's a girl with a pen in her mouth
there's a half a million cars leaving their garages
with no reason to even put the doors down
anyway the rust had eaten through the locks

there's harmony trapped in homogeneity
there is blood in everything
there's a god at work in an unspeakable word
there's just too much to say
Track Name: The Soft Geometry of Elsewhere
you were standing at the window
i was looking in
got your mothers bright red lipstick
your daddy's drunk again
if you like we could leave this town before the morning comes
so that word don't get around

if i drive too fast please don't make a sound
it's one hundred and ten and the windows won't roll down

always thinking the sky is falling into you when i dream
i think too much
i think i'll sing
stunning eyes and golden hair it's about the heart you wear
proud singing
words in time

in time for the taking of their castles
with all our crosses and our bows walking
around the pool see the reflections
build as they're coming into shore
speaking with the pilgrims
that have lived this life before

i believe that you never said
that you never said that word
i believe that i've heard it all before
i believe but i've heard it all before

the sound of trepidation
as this aged body moves
the sound of fading stations
as we take a chance and lose
the sound of trains as we close our eyes at gunshots in the distance we can hear the bodies sigh

in time for the sun
in time for the day
aint it time for the sun
aint it time for the day
Track Name: Rose Colored Rear View Mirror
no focus
just basic colors basic shapes
some smoky shadowed figurines shifting
along a fuzzy landscape
no perspective
inside this helium balloon
for all i know
could be on the ground might as well be on the moon
but i've got no regrets from here
just a rose colored rear view mirror

no equilibrium
no balance
no composition just a tangled mess of lines
just a raspy voice
some butchered chords (to preach to the chorus)
a twitching limb to keep the time
and another forced rhyme
yeah whatever fits like a straight jacket
worrying about this for hours and hours
like any of you could give a shit
but no regrets my dear
got a rose colored rear view mirror /
Track Name: Unborn, Mine
o my daughter my daughter will you be
beautiful just like your mother
will you be proud
will you be proud to call me father
o my girl my girl
don't you be hardened by this world
remember every oyster's tear becomes a pearl

o my son my son will you find your daddy's gun
will you use it on yourself and everyone
o my boy that thing is not a toy
is only good to destroy everything

o my child my child you will be restless and wild and free
just like your mother and me
fill these shoes that i've worn spill your blood upon a thorn
though this was written years before you were born
i know that it's true
though i've grown i've grown to see
this plan is not my own or for me to see
though all the while i've known what will be will be

o my wife take my life for all it's worth we'll give birth to joy
these crooked paths we've come
i know they must lead us to some warm brighter day
it is not so far away
Track Name: You Are Welcome, Now Go Away
don't want
to end up this way
today it's ok
if you don't want to live this way
it's ok now quiet rooms
they always get me down
so quiet rooms are filled with sound
cause its ok
don't want to spend the day
thinking about things that i cant change
thinking about going away
i don't want to be here anyway
you say you want to stay
i don't care
it's frozen in place
and i cant take anymore
growing beyond your front door
you don't want to see
anyone this way so
just go away
we don't want you here
go away we don' t want
to spend all day thinking about the only thing
that we can't change
that we can change
Track Name: Omen
there is a great black bird
always in the corner of my eye
stops my heart
i don't want to fly

there is a great black storm
always in the corner of the sky
rips me apart
i don't want to die

i am not a monster
i am just a ghost

but it's all alright.
hey hey lalala

this is not an autobiography unsung
this is only an autopsy undone
but it's alright

to put you inside of me
into the vacuum of my sea
swallows all i can't become
this great black song that's always
on the tip of my tongue
but it's alright

hey hey hey la la la alright
Track Name: As Viewed From Moving Windows
slowly roll the waves across the tide
sweetly sing the birds unto the sky
thirsty they are for the days yet to arrive
aint it wonderful and strange to be alive
it's good to have you all along for the ride
it's wonderful and strange to be alve

slowly rolled the waves across the tide
sweetly sang the birds
unto the sky
thirsty we were for the days
yet to arrive
it was wonderful and strange to be alive
now you can count us among the ghosts
along i95 but it was wonderful and strange to be alive